Raw Food Diet Truth

Welcome to this website where we'll be taking you through the many generally known aspects to eating a diet comprised of raw, or more particularly "uncooked" food and bringing to your attention the truth about the many claims made about this type of dieting strategy. While it is an effective way to lose weight or maintain a healthy physique, there are some things about it that are not always revealed in the general promotionally backed reviews that you find online.

As this site is not primarily concerned with promoting commercial versions of this diet, we are not restricted on what we can tell you about eating raw or partially cooked foods. Some of the information we are able to impart may surprise you.

Different Ways of Eating

As well as looking specifically at raw foods, we will also take a peripheral look at other forms of dieting. This will help you to view food consumption from other perspectives as well as looking at other means of losing weight and improving general health.

This will provide the visitor to this website with the best of both worlds. We aim to be a specific reference for dieting with uncooked and particularly cooked foods as well as a means of comparison with other weight loss strategies that either compliment or act as an alternative to this specific way of eating.

Raw Food Diet

radishesSo what actually is this particular diet? Well, in a nutshell, it is eating a predominance of foods that are uncooked. Of course, that doesn't mean tucking into uncooked chicken drumsticks or raw pork chops! That would be disgusting as well as potentially dangerous, as many raw meats can carry bacteria such as salmonella!

A healthy diet like this can be made up of raw vegetables, fruits and foods that are healthier to eat uncooked than they can ever be cooked. Meats should be cooked or omitted from the menu. While some fish can be eaten raw, this should be kept to a minimum and monitored for potential problems. Basically, it means that whatever can be safely eaten raw can be included in this eating strategy.

On-Site Articles and Information

Our on-site articles go into the various aspects of this way of consuming food in much more detail. We also take a look at a variety of different ways to obtain the necessary nutrition that we need for a healthy, active life.

The collection is constantly being added to and growing all the time. See the titles listed in the right column to select the specific information you require.