A person's health is arguably the most important factor in their lives, so this section of the site deals with the many aspects of this subject.

Most people stumble into phases in their lives when they decide that the time for some health improvement has come. Whether the decision is related to a big life change, such as a divorce, the loss of a job, the birth of a baby, or whatever situation changes a person's life perspective, the fact remains that self improvement is best approached with a systematic plan.

How is a person supposed to improve his or her life if goals aren't set and worked towards?

There are four major health improvement categories: financial, spiritual, physical, and emotional. All four categories complement each other and each includes many subcategories.

If a person can get all four of these categories to a point of contentment and synchronicity, self improvement is a snap. No matter what aspect of life a person is looking to improve, it never hurts to do a review of the four main categories to see where there may be room for improvement.

Material Influences

Finances can have a huge affect on a person's general well-being. If finances are spiraling out of control it might affect other aspects of a person's life. Many relationships break up due to financial strife, and the stress which comes with financial issues can have a definite effect on a person's physical well being.

For these reasons, it is important to get finances in order when pursuing self improvement. A person cannot hope to bring everything in life to balance if finances are a mess.


Spirituality does not necessarily refer to a specific religion or even a religion at all. The goal is for a person to have some sense of faith from which comfort is derived.

Studies suggest that people who are involved in some sort of corporate worship may live longer, happier lives. People who are unfamiliar with spirituality should make a real effort to seek out a place of worship which provides not only a sense of well being, but also an opportunity to meet other people and serve the community.

Physical Health

Physical well being is an obvious aspect of self improvement. Most often, when a person sets out to improve his or her life, the very first category visited is the physical aspect.

It is important to remember that physical health is more important than how a person looks on the outside. It is imperative to have a check-up with a doctor before starting out any new exercise program, because oftentimes there are underlying physical conditions which may not have otherwise been discovered if not for the exam.


Emotional well being includes not only a person's self worth, but also the relationships the person has in life. Whether the closest relationship a person has is with a spouse, a family member, or a close friend, the main point is to examine the relationships to make sure they are healthy.

An unhealthy relationship can make self improvement in healthfulness very difficult.

All aspects of a person's life should be examined before starting up a self improvement regiment to make sure everything is in balance, making life a more enjoyable experience.