Drinking Water

Being interested in the whole physical health process, I am always looking for different methods that people use to achieve their goals. One idea that I have found intriguing is the fact that you can actually drink water to improve health while also losing excess pounds as well as keeping yourself properly hydrated.

I guess that when this cool technique is combined with a calorie controlled diet that is also healthy, the results can be really attractive. This article takes a look at how drinking plain water helps dieters achieve a greater level of weight loss and health improvement.

Water and Digestion

drinking water for healthIt seems there are many good reason for this, not least of those being that drinking water helps your digestive process to be more efficient at using the nutrients in the food and leading to less fat being stored as a result. It also helps with elimination and keeping your colon healthy, which is a very important consideration from a heath aspect.

But its great strength is that you can drink water any time and because it contains zero calories, it can make you feel fuller, faster without making you gain any additional pounds. In fact, as contradictory as it sounds, drinking plenty of water actually helps to disperse water retention, so you reduce some weight that way too!

Another great aspect of drinking this elixir of life is that often when you think that you are hungry and reach for the snacks, you are really thirsty but your stomach is sending the wrong signals to your brain.

A Good Alternative to Snacks

So just by drinking a glass of water instead of a eating a packet of potato chips satisfies your craving and saves you another few hundred calories! When you do that every time you feel like grabbing for a snack of some kind, the amount of calories you can save every day will soon mount up to a staggering figure each week.

This means that losing weight by drinking water and combining it with a really good diet, say like one from Nutrisystem (you can read about that here in our article: Review of Nutrisystem) can be very effective indeed. Shedding those excess pounds can be made so much easier when you just do that simple extra thing that takes no effort and is such a boost to your health in many ways.

Losing Weight with Water

If you are looking for a great tip for losing weight by drinking this stuff that is easy to do and one that you can do every day without needing anything special, look no further because here it is! Okay, it may be nothing revolutionary, but in terms of simplicity, it cannot be beat!

So what is this king of tips when it comes to drinking to improve health and lose weight! Well, it is how you do it that makes all the difference.

First, you should drink plain water at room temperature to get the best in terms of a boost for your digestive system as drinking it cold can actually inhibit your ability to digest food as efficiently as you should. Next, it should be plain and not the carbonated variety, assuming you are drinking the bottled variety. It doesn't have to be bottled if your tap water is certified okay for drinking, so you can choose which you prefer.

Next, you should aim to drink around 8 full glasses of water per day, or about two or three pints. You should also aim to drink two of those glasses soon before each meal. This will prime your stomach for the food you will be eating soon after. It will also make you feel full sooner so you will be less inclined to overeat.

Water also cleanses your body naturally and aids digestion as well as helping to keep your colon ion good health. All this adds up to less fat being stored in your body from the food you are eating because your body is able to work more efficiently at processing the food.

Drink More Water

drink more waterIf you are still not drinking around six to eight glasses of plain water every day, then ask yourself why not? This is the recommended amount to stay healthy from many experts, doctors and health specialists, so do yourself a big favor and follow their advice!

Water helps your body stay properly hydrated and that is essential for not just good health but for the correct operation of all the body's major processes, including diet and metabolism. It's all about losing weight without the hassle and drinking plenty of plain water is about as hassle free as it comes.

If you are not drinking enough water, you could be gaining weight purely because you are slightly dehydrated and not processing the food you are eating properly!

If you think you can substitute plain water with soda or flavored drinks, tea or coffee, sports drinks or even juice, then you are so, so wrong! You can drink tea and coffee and juice in addition to that amount but you should never replace pure water with soda!

Remember that staying healthy by sensible dieting works best when you avoid things like drinking sugary drinks such as soda. There are just too many reasons why drinking the stuff is a really bad idea.

Not least of those being either the soda has way too much sugar and tons of empty calories. Or it is sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame which when drunk in great quantity is a train wreck just waiting to happen. The fizz itself is even bad for your health!

The best course of action is to ditch all the fancy drinks and get into drinking as much plain water as you can manage each day. It's such a good way to better healthfulness that it's a no brainer really.