Lose Weight Slowly

For a lot of people who see themselves on the scales or in the mirror and get a shock at how heavy they have become, the initial reaction is to try and lose some weight as fast as possible. The common first attempts at doing this is to stop eating for a day or two, after which the hunger gets too much and they end up binge eating on all the wrong things. There are many things wrong with doing this, which is what this article will look at.

Starvation Diets

What you are essentially doing by stopping eating is placing your self on a starvation diet. This will, if you can stick to it, result in losing weight fast for a short period of time, after which the rate of pounds lost will slow down quite dramatically as your body reprograms itself to cope with the loss of nutrients in order to survive. In fact, it enters what is often called "survival mode" in which the metabolism is slowed down drastically in an attempt to conserve what reserves the body has in its fat store. It induces a feeling of tiredness and lethargy to prevent you from exercising and wasting that fuel store.

I think you can see that this is completely counterproductive as a means of losing however many pounds over the long term and keeping it off. With a suppressed metabolism, any food you subsequently eat will be processed to store the maximum as fat while only eking out the barest minimum to keep the body alive. This will lead to weight gain even though you are eating almost nothing!

Eat to Lose Weight

The best way to lose the excess pounds is to do it by working with your body processes to burn as much of the stored fat as possible and set up a routine whereby once the excess has been lost, the body then maintains its new weight by maintaining an elevated metabolism. This can be done by eating healthily while exercising regularly.

Many people are reluctant to do any exercises because they think it is hard work and because they believe they can lose weight just through a change in diet. While it is possible to do this and it is true that simple diets work up to a point, it is not sustainable in the long term unless you intend to stay on that diet forever and a day. Even then, over time you metabolism will slow to match the reduced intake of calories and your weight will slowly increase as your body stores more fat to cope with the reduced intake of fuel.

What really needs to happen is for the body to burn that fuel by using its muscles. The muscles are the body's fuel burners and the stronger and more massive they are, the more fuel they will burn every day. The aim then, should be to build your muscles up in strength by exercising regularly.

Muscle Strength

This doesn't mean you need to sweat it out in a gym every day, but you can do a lot of good by going for long, brisk walks, swimming, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, running around whenever you get the chance, skipping or playing some enjoyable sports such as badminton, volleyball or even table tennis. In fact anything that gets you into an active state for a prolonged length of time will help you build muscle strength (not necessarily size as with bodybuilders).

The increased muscle strength will mean your body is burning more fuel, which is measured in calories and this will lead to sustainable weight loss. This will happen as long as it is combined with eating a healthy diet that is free of processed foods, high sugar content foods and drinks such as soda (cut out diet soda too) and includes mostly natural, fresh foods.

The rate of body mass that can be lost will not necessarily be fast. But it will more likely be gradual and sustainable/ This will lead to a better figure that is nicely toned (and looks great in smaller sized clothes) that you will be able to work up to gradually but steadily!