Raw and Convenient

If you thought that the only truly convenient diets were those that come from the big diet food delivery companies like Jenny Craig, Medifast or Nutrisystem that dominate the diet industry (see this review article if you really want to know more about Nutrisystem, for example), then think again.

Food doesn't have to be packaged up like an unwelcome Christmas gift of a box of handkerchiefs to be simple, easy to prepare and eat. Some raw foods are actually the ultimate in convenience!

Raw fruits for healthTake an apple for example. You pick it up, give it a quick shine on your tee shirt and bit into its crisp, juicy, sweet and tasty flesh! That's faster than you can take a processed ready meal full of additives and flavor enhancers out of its box and microwave it. And a darn site healthier to eat, too!

An apple is pure health locked in a portable, ready-to-eat package made and supplied by nature. In fact, any similar fruit can be taken in the same context, such as a pear, a plum or a peach, apricot or something more exotic such as a Sharon fruit or a few figs, for instance.

Nature's Supply

It doesn't take much figuring out to realize that nature has supplied everything that a human being needs to eat and stay healthy, while maintaining a healthy body weight as long as moderation is observed in eating the bountiful produce of the land. With a little more work using a sharp knife, we have convenient access to even more interesting fruits such as the many different kinds of melons, avocados, as well as tropical fruits like papaya, mango and passion fruit.

Don't forget those super healthy vegetables that can also be eaten and enjoyed in their natural, raw state: Staples such as carrots, cabbage, kale, zucchini, kohl rabi. Salad crops such as celery, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, radish, bell peppers (capsicum) are all easily eaten raw once washed under a tap and most don't need peeling.

Legumes such as peas, French beans and several other types of bean are quite tasty when eaten raw, just picked from the garden. But here is the caveat. Raw vegetables taste better when just picked and before they get a chance to grow to large.

Why Kids Reject Vegetables

There is probably one very good reason why kids will reject vegetables and that's because they come from the supermarket where they are stocked to maximize profit, not taste! To that end, vegetables are allowed to grow to huge sizes to make more per pound from the ground they're grown in.

Carrots and zucchini for example are almost always overgrown monstrosities by the time they reach the stores, whereas if they'd been picked when very small, tender and super tasty, they would certainly attract the interest of kids. But that will never happen because small vegetables don't make any money for the farmer!

Another reason kids hate vegetables is because they get them overcooked. I personally hated cabbage, Brussels sprouts and marrow as a child because they looked like a steaming heap of mush on the plate, smelled bad and tasted awful! It wasn't until I learned to cook for myself that I realized that carefully steaming some vegetables retained the flavors and crunchiness. Brussels sprouts never tasted so good!

Grow Your Own Vegetables

But the ultimate taste test is when you grow your own vegetables as I began doing in young adulthood and continue to do so to this day. When you have a garden full of fresh produce that you grew yourself, you get to choose when you pick for maximum taste, because you're not interested in profit!

Zucchini gets picked when no bigger than my finger and they taste incredibly sweet and yummy. Compare that to the bland, swollen green monsters from the store! Carrots also get pulled when finger size and they don't need peeling, just a wash and munch away on the sweetest tasting orange fingers of goodness I ever tasted!

Vegetables that you grow yourself don't have any nasty chemical pesticide residue on them because a sensible gardener simply doesn't use them. So they are instantly healthier for you and your family and represent the ultimate in low calorie, high taste convenient dieting snacks or the best tasting meals you ever laid your hands on.

That makes eating a healthier and more effective way of getting shape and losing weight than relying on a commercial diet program like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Diet-to-Go or Medifast for example.