Why Simple Diets Work

When you have decided that you need to lose weight but are concerned that you won't be able to keep up with all the chart filling, weighing and measuring, calorie counting and recording everything you do, it can be quite off putting.

The very thought of all that work often prevents many overweight people from even starting a diet! But there is a simple alternative that can be pursued that is much more agreeable and workable for those that don't have the time or patience for the more complex way of dieting.

If you are looking for a simple change of diet, there are many simple programs that you can sign up for that come under the guise of the diet food delivery system. This is a way of dieting where all the hard work is taken out by the company that supplies the program so that all you have to do is eat the food they supply you with and lose weight.

That's about all you have to do. So if this way of dieting is really so easy and successful, why doesn't everybody do it?

Diet Delivery Cost

Many people are put off trying commercial dieting plans because they are afraid that it will cost them too much money. While it is true that you have to pay for this service and it often comes with an on-going repeat delivery system that you have to manually cancel, the cost you see in front of you is not the real cost of this kind of plan.

I'll explain why this is.

When you take on a diet meal delivery program, all your meals are delivered to you. That means you don't have to buy, prepare and cook any food yourself. It also means that if you don't have to buy any food, the money you would normally have spent on your regular food can be deducted from the cost of the diet plan.

nutrisystem dietLet's take an example for what a person may reasonably spend on food.

Say you spend around $20 a day on food. This is pretty average for a city dwelling adult who maybe eats at restaurants once or twice a week, gets takeout food regularly like pizza or Chinese food, buys lots of processed ready meals from the store to eat at home and all the little extras like nachos, pretzels, potato chips and other snacks.

Add them all up and it's pretty easy to see how you would normally spend around $140 a week on food for yourself.

If you signed up for the standard Nutrisystem diet, for example, it would cost you less than $400 a month. Considering that includes ALL your meals, you will actually get a net saving of around $160 a month or more (depending on the plan you chose)!

If you went with a more expensive program with higher quality meals such as Bistro MD or eDiets that would cost you more, up to $180 a week, it still only works out $40 a week more than you are already spending on food that is making your fat!

Benefits of Diet Food Delivery

So now you can negate the argument that this kind of weight loss diet is expensive, when it actually can be even cheaper than what you already spend on food if you go with Nutrisystem as your preferred program. That just leaves all the benefits that come with this kind of dieting.

I already mentioned you don't have to buy any food. Think of the time that saves you from going to the store every week!

Then there is the fact that you don't have to prepare and cook any meals yourself. Just grab a meal from its pack and microwave! Think of the time this will save you not just every day, but for every meal!

You don't have to bother counting calories, filling in charts logging everything you eat or all that hassle because the diets are already calorie controlled and provide all the nutrition you need in a low calorie package.

That just leaves you to eat the food, lose weight slowly but surely and get on with enjoying all the extra free time you have thanks to the diet program.

It's perfect for people who lead busy lives and don't have much free time to devote to all the hassles of a more complex diet. They can lose weight easily without having to work at it from the standpoint of food preparation, cooking and monitoring.